Officers of the Crescent City Coin Club

Calendar Year 2012

Elected Officers
President Rick Demers
Vice President Nick Lagattuta
Recording Secretary Kegan Thiebaud
Treasurer Bob Eddy
Corresponding Secretary Michael Maniscalco

Board of Governors
Immediate Past President Michael Buras
Governor Rusty Pancamo
Governor Bruce Ehrman
Governor Roger Holder
Governor Lorna Maniscalco
Governor Ruth Young
Governor Andrew Correnti

Show Chairman Rick Demers
ANA Representative Nick Lagattuta
LNA Representative Rick Demers
Sergeant at Arms Rusty Pancamo
Grading Authority Rick Demers
Auctioneer Rusty Pancamo
Christmas Banquet Santa's Helper "Dippy" Rusty Pancamo
Executive ChefRuth Young
Webmaster Eric Leonard

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